What We Do
Rediscovering "The Aha of Learning"
iAugmentor enables experiential learning through a vast array of learning ranging from management simulations,
intuitive videos, games, story-telling, music, case studies, role plays etc to create a long lasting impact. Its technology
platform accessible through on-the-go on the mobile as well as on the desktop, enables a user to improve
his/her understanding of various life skills in an interactive manner that is
personalized to his needs.

Retention of Learning

L&D professionals are continuously being mandated to prove demonstration of learning through changed workplace behaviour.

Neurological research has proved that, learning is most effectiveness when learners are put through a cycle of doing, assessments, and learning.

There is a higher probability of habit formation, and therefore workplace behavior change, when engaging learning is capsuled into micro-nuggets, each presenting new and interesting facets, and which are spaced over time. This forces learners to "retrieve" and “store” information again and again, creating new learning pathways.

This gives them an exposure to new skills and ideas over time, while being assessed, at each short juncture.

Core Ethos
Learning is like an orchestra. There are many different instruments, and to reach everyone you
need a symphony of different kinds of pedagogy together. Augumented learning
technologies provide a set of instruments to educationists to achieve that range of instructional