Proprietary Tools
Do-It-Yourself Content Panel
Intuitive self-service panel for L&D teams to create, post, edit and track content. Library of game templates, icons, visuals, doodle videos and infographic assets.
RPVA™ - Role Play Video Automator
Create an assembly line of role-plays that simulates real-life using assets from an easy-to-access library. Reduce external trainers and content creation costs by 95%.
Action Simulators™
Respond to work-place situations in the comfort and privacy of your phone. Compare yourself to experts responding to the same situation. Analyse your response for sentiments expressed. Benchmark yourself with peers.
Senti-Text Extractor™
Extract text and information residing from multi-version legacy documents, to create meaningful content in a matter of minutes. Cluster content based on sentiments, predefined algorithms, and our AI-based knowledge Cloud.
AI Learning-Curator
Organization-wide access for expert knowledge through our astute Recommendation Engine
  • Which learning media to be assigned; the number of attempts to be given etc.
  • Recommendations regarding the messages - push/ email etc. to be sent; ensuring higher engagement.
  • Learning curation engine ensures that only the most contextually relevant content is presented to your team.