AI Driven personalization and adaptive learning
Over sustained usage, the platform recognizes the learning needs, habits and style of the learner, and an intuitive recommendation engine powers personalized suggestions to the learner. It figures out
  • Exactly which competencies or sub-competencies, a learner is strong and weak at
  • What they’re ready to learn
  • Which combination of learning media would most optimally deliver the learning successfully
Interact With Mentor Bots
Interact And Learn With Mentor-bots
iAugmentor humanizes the AI, to enable learners to visually interface with a mentor, who would support them across the learning trajectory with suggestions. Learners get actionable advice, constructive feedback, criticism and are able to see an array of learning material, curated for the learner, in line with their preferences and proficiency levels
Competency Linked Games
Learners compete directly against one or more individuals or participate individually in an interactive experience that rewards learning performance in some way. Games incentivize employees to learn and accomplish more skills, which raises competency levels throughout an organization.
Real time assessment of Mock Simulation
Real-time Assessment Of Work-place Scenarios
Work-place scenarios are picked up for customers, and learners are asked to respond to these scenarios on the app, and get real-time feedback on their performance.
Peer Learning & Competitions
Peer Learning And Competitions
Gamification of learning through challenges, competitions, leader-boards and comparison with peers creates an engaging learning experience for learners. Learners can form and compete with their peers and receive offline/online feedback too.
Blended Learning
Blended learning
  • iAugmentor’s blended learning offers the flexibility of anytime, anywhere learning through our app/desktop coupled with classroom sessions
  • App based access allows self-paced learning through personalized access to global resources and materials that meet the students’ level of knowledge, speed, proficiency and interest.
  • Classroom trainers can access each learners progress and proficiency levels through an LMS, categorize learners into clusters of proficiency buckets, and customize the content accordingly
  • The classroom training can also be used for pre-assessment, mid term assessment or post assessment through role plays, so that actionable feedback can be provided on the app