Play and compete
Leverage the power of game-based learning to turn reluctant employees with scarce time schedules into enthusiastic learners. The core concept behind game-based learning is teaching through repetition, failure and the accomplishment of goals. Each learner works toward a goal, choosing actions and experiencing the consequences of those actions, and compares themselves to the progress of peers. They actively learn and intuitively adopt behaviour through practice.
Real-time feedback through simulations and continuous assessments
Simulations are designed from work-place situations picked from each client. Employees practice their response to these situations in non-intimidating privacy. They can seek peer feedback on these mock performances, and also get real-time feedback on sentiments used.
An intuitive, AI driven recommendation engine helps each learner to embark on a personalized learning journey. By accessing a curated array of games, simulations, short videos and articles. Each earner has access to a real-time dashboard that shows proficiency levels across competencies, and compares their learning to peers, through leader-boards.
On-the-go measurement
Our intuitive LMS allows the organization to measure progress in learning by competency or by learning modules. L&D teams can plan corrective action through supplementary learning measures, by assessing proficiency levels for each competency, by team, clusters region or business unit.
Blended learning
Our platform can integrate metrics from organizational classroom training and e-learning programs to ensure a seamless and measurable learning trajectory across the learning curve for each employee.