Making Learning Come Alive
iAugmentor is an AI driven, Gamified, Personalized assessment and learning platform, that create a real-time, personalized, on-the-go learning roadmap for learners
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iAugmentor set out to create learning solutions for a learning fraternity that was increasingly facing challenges in addressing new-millennial employee learning needs.
1 Demonstrate trained competencies in learner behavior at workplace
2 Engaging learning – Experiential, gamified for learners with low attention span
3 Habit formation - Learning to be practiced continuously for habit formation
4 Social component – Peer group reviews and feedbacks on performance
5 Minimize interruption to daily job function
6 Measure progress in competencies and demonstrate RoI
iAugmentor was incorporated in 2016, in Gurgaon, India to provide a personalized learning experience to learners, by using intuitive and incisive technology. iAugmentor directs learning specific to individual learning gaps and desired workplace competencies through the use of cutting edge technology. The key pillars on which the iAugmentor platform is based are –
The key pillars on which the iAugmentor platform is based are -
  • bullet   Learning by doing
  • bullet   Spaced Repetition
  • bullet   Micro Learning
  • bullet   An intuitive LMS
Learning by doing
Our Mock Simulations allow learners to practice responding to real workplace scenarios, provide real-time feedback and also guide them with the correct way of responding.
Spaced Repetition
For any learning to be inculcated leading to a behavioral change it is essential it needs to be practiced at regular intervals leading to greater retention.
Micro Learning
Breaking down learning into bite sized chunks that help an individual to focus on very specific learning needs.
An intuitive LMS
Our intuitive LMS allows you to gather instant feedback for all global learners, analyze performance by department/geography, identify knowledge gaps by specific role or function, track learning activities and time spent on learning and measure performance improvement over time.
Our Journey
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iAugmentor's Journey - 2016-2019
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Culture And Value Systems

We win together
We work smart and collaborate effectively across teams to do extraordinary things.
Customers first
We're passionate about ensuring customers' and partners' success
Shareholder value
We are pathologically committed to generating profitable growth. And build disproportionate value for shareholders.
Respect and care for each other
We work, grow, learn, and have fun together. We support and trust one another through change.
Performance and innovation is the only currency we recognize
The security password in our access card to office, is configured for an algorithm that only recognizes performance, actionable innovation and kick-ass ideas.